Any dreams worth being lived, and not just fantasy… One year ago I began to imagine and design swimsuits for fun thinking of what I would like to have, a mix of all bikinis I saw in various beaches all over the world. Bikinis we don’t have to adjust every minute while we are in the ocean, bikinis that keeps you feeling sexy and confident.

All bikinis are created, designed and manufactured with love and details because life is simply made of details and I think this is how we have to live, with true passion, and finally doing what we love.

I also want to share a lifestyle, experiences, encourage women to travel, explore and take risks to fight for their dreams, without any fear. Thanks to my brand which helped me to build this amazing way of life.

Any dreams worth being lived, and not just fantasy … This is precisely how MOEA was born. A new project a new world and inspiring adventures to follow … 😉

With love and hapiness

Eva. Designer and owner